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About MillersDirect and SKM -


***************************************************************************************************************************************************************      No need to drive all the way to the grocery store, wait in long shop queues, carry all the heavy bags to bring the groceries home. - MillersDirect wanted to save your valuable time and energy by bringing them to you. We always strive to find the healthy options for you and to improve our services.



Who we are?

I was an IT professional who lived and worked in Australia for more than 14 years. I came back, and started an IT company and served clients in both Australia and the USA for about 5 years. 

My In-laws owned (SKM Rice Industries) and operated a couple of Rice Industries near Nagarjuna Sagar, Nalgonda district, Telangana. We export rice to other countries such as Africa and the middle east too. 


Why did I enter into this business? 

Later, when we thought of expanding our business, we realized that the so-called premium retailers are actually selling sub-standard quality. This gave me the thought of giving my customers enjoyable and 100% reliable products only. We wanted to achieve this by getting only the purest products handed straight into the hands of our customers. Through this journey, many vendors who are already into this business had suggested me to add “boric powder” to prevent the rice from getting assailed by tiny insects (I don't want to name them but you will get surprised). 

I was astonished by this incident and I was determined to find any other solution by providing products without adding any chemicals in the food that we consume. As a mother, I know how keen we are to improve the health and wellbeing of our kids. I felt we deserve better than this. There must be something that puts the health and wellbeing of customers as the utmost priority. 

A lot of them asked me that how come you are into this rice business? I asked myself a question “if not me who, if not now, when” and tried myself to develop “figure it out and make it happen” attitude that I am still applying today. It’s not that easy, there are so many challenges in this business where we need to take care everything in detail in all aspects. I have the strong intention of “even better than this” is driving me further.

I first started as a small retailer in Hyderabad but with the support of all my customers, the word spread out and we became what we are today. I would like to dedicate our success to all health-conscious moms out there who are striving to provide the best to their family.

 What MillersDirect Represent? 

We are millers and we are trying to serve directly to the customers by providing the best quality products. We also wanted to provide a platform for all the millers who are into different food products. We are now working with farmers directly by encouraging them to supply their best products and by paying them upfront. We strongly oppose adulteration and we honestly encourage vendors/ suppliers who are willing to supply us only pure products. We research to find them with passion. 


Our Values:

At MillersDirect, Living in a sustainable world from seed to plate. We proactively bring to market natural and local foods/ products. Our core values shape all the decisions we make every day.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the customers for trusting me and on my brand. I am striving hard to fulfill your daily needs. If I don't like a product to be in my kitchen, there is no place for it in my store. I am sourcing products from the very best vendors for all our safety and healthiness.






















Thanks for reading,


Managing Director

MillersDirect And SKM